Radiologist Resume Format

By | April 14, 2011

Radiologists are the professionals that are responsible for diagnosing illness problems with the help of UV rays and other radiation technologies. Their responsibility is to work with medical professionals for eradicating several diseases. The major responsibility of radiologist is to diagnose illness with X-ray technology. They may suggest you to go for several tests that are also a part of your treatment. The test may be ultrasound, X-ray test, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Radiologist Resume Format

Eddie Diaz

78, South, CA – 4589

(2563) 12506


Seeking for an organization where I can learn more and more related to my field, so that I can implement the innovative ideas for the welfare and development of organization.

Summary qualification:

  • Familiar with the test methods, instruments, and equipments used within hospital.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good verbal and non verbal skills.
  • Capable of producing superior image.
  • Familiar with the equipments used in laboratory



College of Medical Science – Bachelor’s in Radiology


Medical Associates – Certified course in Radiology

Career Experience/Job History:

2009– Present

Appolo New Florida Hospital, Florida

  • Managed the task of quality images and x-rays.
  • Used the concept radiopaque which helped in viewing the xray films.
  • Evaluated the test reports of X-rays and ultra sounds.
  • With the help of tomography, ultra sound and radiology, diagnosed various diseases.


Martin New Clinic, Florida


  • With the help of high technology equipments performed several mammography examinations.
  • Maintained several contract materials.
  • Performed several complicated task simultaneously.


  • Rewarded by the best employee of the month award 2 times.

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