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By | March 23, 2009

Writing an effective resume can be a challenge for those new to the employment market and those coming back after a long absence.

The pressure to write a perfect resume increases when you think of the large number of applicants with similar or higher qualifications applying for the same job. Well, it is time you relaxed a bit.

Your resume will not get you that job. The outcome of your interview is what determines whether or not you will get the job. Your resume however, will get you into that interview. Therefore you must make the most of it.

An effective resume is relevant to the job being applied for. The work history and skills listed should correspond to the details listed for the job. You should carry out thorough research regarding the employer.

Visit websites and read publications related to the employer. This helps identify the needs of the employer so that you can show them how your skills and personal attributes make you the best suited candidate for the job.

Highlight the information that is most relevant to the employer. Including a career objective and skills summary at the top of your resume is one way of doing this. Use bullets to make your resume easier to read and give it more focus.

Choose a professional style and font type. Ensure that you include all your contact information clearly at the top of the document. Read through your resume carefully to correct any errors, add or get rid of unnecessary information.

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