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By | March 29, 2009

Resume cover letters can be used as powerful marketing tools in the process of recruitment.

They should be written with a concise objective of demonstrating why your academic achievements, skills, work experience, and career background exceptionally qualifies you for the position being applied for.

A resume cover letter should comprise of three main segments. The first paragraph should identify the position being applied for, how you learned of the position, and why that position is of interest to you.

The second paragraph should comprise of strong summaries of why you think that position fits your qualifications and past experiences illustrating how they can be of assistance to the organization.

The closing paragraph of a resume cover letter should be used to thank the recipient for considering your resume, and how you could be reached if additional information is required.

This is not all you need though. It is important to look at actual resume cover letter samples. provides with a very easy to use platform where you can find numerous resume cover letter templates. By looking at these examples you will be in a position to draft a resume cover letter that is guaranteed to land you an interview.

Under resume cover letters there are categories like resume cover letter tips, resume cover letter, new resume letter format. There is also wealth of information on resume cover letters under each of the three sub categories.

There are numerous templates and examples to help you write better cover letters when writing your resume. By going through each of the sub categories you will unearth very valuable information on excellent resume cover letter writing 

With the current bleak economic times it is a worthwhile investment to take your time and learn how to stay ahead of the pack. All the best!    

Resume Cover Letter Tips

Resume Cover Letter

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