Resume Cover Letter Writing

By | March 23, 2009

A cover letter is a document that usually accompanies your resume every time you send it out to prospective employers.

It introduces your resume to the reader therefore it should be convincing enough to get you a gate pass to your next job; an interview.

A well written cover letter raises the chances of your resume being read and therefore getting an interview which if you succeed in gives you a job. 

Most people duplicate their resume in their cover letter. This is a big mistake because instead of complimenting the resume it makes it even worse.

The main purpose of having a cover letter is to add a personal touch to the job application process. It interprets the hard facts in the resume and softens data which might be complex.

It actually creates an immediate impression about what kind of an employee you are. 

There are usually three forms of cover letters. The first is an application letter written in response to a certain job advertisement.

This means the job being applied for is available. In this type of cover letter you should state where you saw the advertisement and the advertisement number (if any).    

The third form of resume cover letter is known as prospecting letter. Its purpose is to en quire whether there are any job opportunities.

This means there are no available jobs but you want to be considered in case a position falls vacant or a new post is generated.

The last form of cover letter is generally referred to as networking letter. It helps spread the word that you are looking for a job and you are the right candidate.

Its purpose is to gather employment information from a company you would like to work for. It makes job search a less daunting experience.    

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