Resume Design

By | March 23, 2009

When applying for a job you should be aware that there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of applicants applying for the same position. Some of these applicants may have more or better experience than you do.

Some may be more qualified for the job. However, you can get an edge over the competition by preparing a resume with a winning design.

Employers take only a few seconds to glance over your resume. It is crucial to have a resume that attracts attention and gets you into the keep pile that will be called back for an interview or reviewed later.

There are numerous designs available for resumes. There are however, certain points to consider when choosing a design for your resume.

When you prepare your resume, divide your resume using invisible lines into four quadrants. Because we read from left to right, a typical reader will normally go through the information in the first quadrant before proceeding to the rest.

That is if the information in all quadrants is properly balanced. You should therefore try and fit in all the important information in the first quadrant.

It may be difficult for some people to create a balanced page. You can use columns to create balance of information. You should however, be careful not to use more than three columns so as not to tire or bore the reader.

Changing fonts, font size and using bolding or italics for titles and headings creates a sense of hierarchy. This can help the reader locate information faster and also makes your resume more attractive.

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