Resume Development

By | March 23, 2009

Your resume is your personal marketing tool. If you want to get an interview, you must make good use of this first contact with the employer.

Since employers have been known not to spend more that a few seconds on each resume they receive, you must ensure that your resume draws the reader’s attention to the most important points.

While you develop your resume, it is important that you keep important details from the job advertisement in mind. You must develop your resume in a fashion that suits the employer’s needs.

A one page resume is popularly endorsed by many resume experts since employers do not have the time to go through several pages of insignificant information. Although this is not a strict policy, strive to keep your resume concise.

Include only that information the employer would be interested in. Before you begin the actual writing, list all your skills, attributes and qualifications. Compare this list with the criteria in the job advertisement. You can use this information to construct a career objective.

Decide on the format that you will use based on the points of your resume you want highlighted e.g. if you do not have adequate work experience or relevant work experience you should use a skills format that will put emphasis on your skills.

Choose an appropriate font type and size that should be used consistently throughout the resume.

When you have compiled your resume read through it to ensure that errors are corrected. Print your resume on white paper using black ink.

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