Resume Editing

By | March 23, 2009

Many people already have resumes by the time they are thinking of entering the job market. Some are not well done and may require a few changes here and there to make them more competitive and professional.

If you find that you have all the right qualifications but are not getting an interview, it may be that your resume is not effective enough. You don’t have to compile a whole new resume.

You can simply edit your resume, making a few changes that could make it more effective. You may choose to do your own editing or turn to a professional resume writing service to do the editing for you.

Whatever path you choose to follow, the editing of your resume will still involve some basic steps.

Many job seekers make the mistake of opening their resumes with a statement of what they want and what they want to do. The employer is more interested in what you have to offer.

You should therefore start your resume with an objective that shows the employer how much you can offer the organization if you were given the job. Go through your current resume and try to identify the most important points.

The most important points are those that the employer would be most interested in. These should always be listed first then followed by other minor points.

Use your resume to show just how valuable you can be to the employer. If you have relevant work experience or other experience which demonstrates the use of skills and attributes that the employer is interested in, these should be included. Use action verbs to explain these achievements.

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