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By | March 23, 2009

A resume form is a tool that can help you compile information to write a professional resume. All you do is fill in the information on the resume form and transfer it to the template you are using to generate your resume.

Resume forms help you avoid leaving out important information. Below is an example of a typical resume form.

Contact Information:   First Name, last name


City, State, Province, Zip Code (if any)

Mobile and home phone number

Email address (make sure it is professional looking)

Career Objective:       Title should be in bold face

Should be a short paragraph of two to three sentences that describes your skills and qualifications showing  why you are the best candidate for the job.

Achievements: Title should be bold

This is an optional section in which you can highlight achievements you have had at work or school that  are   relevant to the job you are applying for.

Work Experience: Title should be bold

List your work experience from the latest to the earliest and positions you held in the organization(s).  If your  work experience is not relevant to the job being applied for then you can create a sub  heading ‘other  work  experience’  and list it  under this.

Internships and unpaid work such as voluntary work can also be listed under this sub heading.


Position/ title:


Education: Title should be bold

List qualifications from the most recent to the earliest

Qualification:     (i.e. degree, diploma. Certificate)

Award:  (i.e. honors, credit)

Skills: Title should be bold

List any skills that would be of interest to the employer e.g. computer skills or language skills.

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