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By | March 23, 2009

Making a good first impression is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting that job. You are up against a lot of competition and even the slightest mistakes can cost you what could have been your dream job.

Your resume tells your employer a lot about you even before you have a face to face meeting. Choosing the right format can make you get noticed and called in for an interview.

The designs used for resumes are numerous but the general format used for different resumes can be broadly classified into two categories; the skills format and chronological format.

If you are a person with a steady work history, the chronological format would be ideal for you. In this format, your career history is listed from the latest to the earliest.

This format is ideal if you want to portray dependability and responsibility. An employer can easily assess your professional growth and development from your resume.

There are those of us however who are just entering the job market, returning to the employment market after some period of absence, have had unsteady careers or have gaps in their work histories.

These individuals should not use the chronological format as it will highlight the lack of experience or periods of unemployment. These individuals would be advised to use the skills format.

Your personal and professional skills are the highlight of the skills format resume. Any work or volunteer experience is used to demonstrate the application of the skills listed. This format allows you to include voluntary and unpaid work experience.

In addition, it allows you to show that you have had some practical work experience without forcing you to list the exact dates when you were working.

You can use both formats in a single resume and come up with a hybrid format for your resume. The combination of the two formats will help you highlight the good and hide the unpleasant.

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