Resume Formatting

By | March 25, 2009

 Resume Formatting


Using the right resume formatting is also as important as the contents of your resume. The formatting of a resume can be interpreted as either the way the content of the resume is arranged or the approach to the resume’s organization according to how it should be presented to its recipient.

Both factors are very important in making a comprehensive resume.

Here are some tips on formatting your resume:

  • Avoid using tabs or spaces when creating spaces between the texts. Instead, use the alignment and indent features of the Microsoft Word.
  • Always use standard fonts. The readability of your resume is very important. Non-standard fonts may result to a funky look on your resume which may be unreadable to an employer. It is highly recommended to use standard fonts such as Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman.
  • Avoid the use of graphics or text as bullets. Instead, use the bullet formatting of the Microsoft Word. Using horizontal lines on a resume should also be regulated. These formatting elements may not be properly converted when the resume is transcribed to another format.
  • Refrain from using logos, graphics or images. These objects on your resume may cause formatting issues when converted to HTML.
  • Always use standard margins. This may positively affect the appearance of your resume

Resume Formatting

Richard Michaels

Mailing address: 53 East Blackwater Ct. Boston, MA 01741

Phone #: (344) 345-5678

E-mail address:

  • OBJECTIVE : Obtain a position in the engineering field that requires exceptional computer programming skills and the skill to take up new theories and responsibilities
  • PROFILE : Very efficient, responsible and industrious TECHNICIAN with strong interpersonal, communication and training skills achieved via 16 years of excellent and devoted service.


Technical Engineering Aide for the Operations President

Micro Machinery, New York


  • Took testing curriculums as well as created curriculums for modifying and estimating product reliability and performance for the commercial equipment productions unit.
  • Made written and verbal reports on various test results or proposals to change the design assorted manufacturing as well as other marketing problems of the respective products.
  • Take care of different information organizations tasks on behalf of both promotion reviews and production cost analyses.
  • Pre-Sales Technical Assist

Libra Data Systems – Oregon, Washington

  • Assist Western Area sales employees, which regulars about 6 reps.
  • Perform openly with sales reps to organize and execute sales strategies.
  • Performing with the prospects to apprehend business difficulties and propose suitable technical results.
  • Write and carry technical product presentation.
  • Develop and communicate customer product demonstrations.
  • Plan projected scheme configurations and write down proposals.
  • Handled large data migration attempt.

1993-2001EDUCATION Associate Degree at Mechanical Engineering and Technology Baywalk Technique College, Boston, MD

Technical Expertise :

  • Practiced Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Practiced Programming Language: Pascal, C++, Java, Java Swing, Turbo Pascal, C, Python
  • Practiced Operating Systems: Windows95, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, MS DOS
  • Practiced Hardware Tools: Vax, Intel Touchstone Delta, and Unix Workstations with statistics of DSP chips with array processors.


Available upon request

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