Resume Headlines (Headings)

By | March 23, 2009

Many job seekers do not realize that they can add a resume headline to their resumes to make them even more noticeable to employers.

A distinction between a resume headline and an objective should be made at this point.

While an objective tells the employer what the applicant is looking for, the resume headline tells the employer what the applicant has to offer.

Your resume headline should be in bold type and centred. It should appear just below your personal details and contact information. Developing a great headline takes a lot of thought however.

When deciding on a resume headline the first thing that should be considered by the job seeker is its focus. It is necessary therefore to have a clear understanding of the industry in which you wish to be employed.

You should know which specific positions you would be interested in and the requirements for landing such a role. You then look for those personal traits in you that will make you the best candidate for the job.

Identify those attributes in you that you think are the strongest, those that the employer would be interested in and those that are required for the job you are applying for. You should also take a closer look at your skills.

Having gathered all this information, you are ready to come up with a resume headline. Your resume headline could read something like:

Highly motivated and innovative project manager with MSc qualifications in Environmental Management and five years working experience in the design and implementation of wetlands restoration projects.

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