Resume Preparation Tips

By | March 23, 2009

You have all the right qualifications but you just can’t seem to get anyone to call you back for an interview for any of the positions you have applied.

There may be a problem with your resume. How about applying some of these great resume preparation tips to give you an edge over the competition?

When preparing your resume you must keep in mind that your resume is a tool for self marketing. All your actions in the preparation stages should be geared towards presenting yourself as the best candidate for the position.

You should also note that many employers spend an average of 20 seconds on each resume that reaches them. This means your resume must be outstanding for you to be considered.

In the preparation of your resume, ensure that the design you use is visually appealing and the layout is simple and easy to read. Many people opt to photocopy their resumes and distribute them because it costs less.

If this is the path you want to follow, ensure your copies are clear and clean.

Experience, academic qualifications and personal as well as professional skills are some of the most important aspects of your resume. Ensure that these are highlighted and tailored towards meeting the employer’s needs.

Avoid including experience that is irrelevant to the employers needs unless it demonstrates a characteristic that the employer may be interested in.

It is a myth that longer resumes display more experience and achievement. Considering the few seconds employers spend on each resume, you would be better placed to have a concise resume with the most important aspects well highlighted.

Be sure to go through your resume once you are through with its preparation to avoid errors in grammar, typography and spelling that would make you appear careless.

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