Resume Review

By | March 23, 2009

Resumes are reviewed by employers so as to make a cut and separate candidates they want to consider for the job from those they will not. Resumes are compared one against another to find the best suited candidates.

Today electronic aides are used to review resumes. Before a resume is reviewed, mistakes such as grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are cross checked.

Those resumes with such errors represent applicants who are not keen on detail and therefore are discarded. The resumes that pass this checking are then reviewed.

The resume review process begins with close scrutiny of the cover letter. Check for errors or anything the applicant may have said that disqualifies them.

The resume is then scanned for the first time so as to get a general idea of what the applicant has to offer.

Any errors appearing at this point will disqualify the candidate automatically. At this stage, the resume is scanned for the basic qualifications and skills that are required for the position.

Any application that does not meet the requirements listed is discarded. 

The ‘career objective(s)’ of resumes that successfully pass this stage of scrutiny are then read. The career objective should not be so general as to fit any job.

Those applicants who have tailored their objectives to fit the job description for which they are applying are the only candidates to receive attention. The rest are discarded.

The candidate should have taken the time to change their experience and qualification summary so as to suit the position to which they are applying. Review the applicant’s accomplishments.

If there are any questions about the application such as employment gaps and short periods of employment in several organizations, the resume should be placed in the basket or folder for applications that will be reviewed further at a later date.

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