Resume Skills

By | March 23, 2009

When applying for any position, the applicant should be aware that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of applicants who are similarly qualified for the same position. Your resume should therefore be outstanding.

The layout and format should grab the attention of the reader. Highlight the aspects of your character and work experience that is relevant to the position you are applying to.

You can also stand out of the crowd by using your skills to your advantage.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to make decisions as to whom to hire. They are flooded by resumes from highly qualified individuals with almost everything in common.

Many employers are turning to the skills section of the resume to assist in making the cut.

Many job applicants do not realize the importance of their resume skills. As a job applicant you must realize that your skills are transferable.

Skills such as communication skills, leadership skills and being a team player are important in any job. Skills are especially important if you do not have relevant work experience and if you are changing careers.

The technical skills an employer is looking for are easily identified from the job advertisement. Most employers will list the technical skills they are looking for in candidates for the position.

Soft skills however are usually not listed and take a lot of careful reading to identify them.

Searching for keywords such as troubleshoots, compiles, leadership, providing technical assistance and good communicator can give you a general idea of what the employer is looking for and assist you in writing your resume.

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