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By | March 23, 2009

The employment market is very competitive and not just in one sector. Applicants in almost all industries are experiencing tough competition as they try to navigate the job market.

As a job applicant, you must do all you can to get an edge over the competition. The style you use on your resume should draw the interest and attention of the reader.

You can choose to use informal, creative or conventional styles for your resume. It all depends on the position for which you are applying. The style you use for your resume should also be a reflection of your personality.

You should ensure that your resume portrays professionalism. Avoid the use of colored paper which gives an impression of a lack of seriousness. Use white paper and print the text on it in black ink.

The number of columns is dependent on what areas of your resume you want to draw attention to. A maximum of two columns is adequate for a resume. Two columns balance the text in the resume.

It is easier for the reader to find information that is of interest to them when the titles and subtitles have their own column.

Font size and type are crucial elements f resume style. The same font type and size should be used throughout the resume so as to display consistency. Headings and subheadings should be in bold type to make it easier for the reader to identify different sections.

Use bullets to list skills, achievements, qualifications and work experience. This makes your resume easier to read and highlights important points.

Avoid using fancy bullets, stick to the standard bullets. Remember that you want to keep your resume looking as professional as possible.


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