Resume Writing Format

By | March 23, 2009

As the world undergoes on of the worst recessions in about a quarter of a century the number of job cuts is phenomenal. The number of people going to the movies is on the rise as people try to find ways of dealing with the frustrations that the credit crunch has brought.

Companies are lees willing to recruit new employees unless it is very necessary. This has heightened the competition amongst jobseekers. Only the best are making it to the interview room.

Making it to the interview room depends on a number of factors key among them being the nature of your resume. It is therefore important to really understand the intricacies of resume writing.

There is a confusion between resume format and resume style. To make it easier for you to remember just know that a format has to do with a diagram. It can be said to be the ‘diagrammatic’ presentation of your resume.

Each resume is divided into various sections each of which is very vital and should not be left out. So, no matter which format you use when writing your resume the sections have to be included.

Basically there are 3 formats of resumes. Skills, chronological and combination format; most employers prefer the chronological format.

However, unless it is specified choose the format to use in accordance with your objective, skills and employment experience.

This format is suitable for those with no gaps in their work history and those with a lot of work related experience.

For those with little or no work experience or those with large gaps in their employment history then the skills format is the best. This showcases your skills and how they relate to the job in question.

Functional format is another name for the combination format. Usually this format is used to showcase the achievements of a job seeker in a given area of specialization. It highlights the skills relevant to a specific area of specialization.

So there you have it. Choose the format that will bring out the best in you. You have to showcase your best and ensure that the ugly remains within you! It is the only way of making it through these tough economic times.

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