Resume Writing Objectives

By | March 23, 2009

“Seeking to define and guide on placement of the objective in a resume”. This first sentence is an illustration of an objective.

Let us define the word object as it relates to resume writing, and also show where, on the resume, the objective is best placed to be most effective.

An objective is a goal or a state of affairs and in the resume writing case, it will exhaustively mean defining the goal or why one is seeking employment in that organization and for that particular position.

This statement should be short and to the point.

As it is a summary of the reason for seeking employment, it should be the eye catcher. It should therefore be at the beginning of the document and should clearly outline one’s employment goals to convince the prospective employer that one knows what they want to do or achieve once employed.

One would ask what the difference is between an objective and a profile. It is quite simple. An objective in the resume shows what the prospective employer is looking for while a profile is all about you – address, name, contacts, etc.

The objective aligns the job seeker or college admission applicant’s experiences, qualifications and fields of study with the position or purpose that the resume will be used. It shows what the job seeker will bring to the organization that he wants to work for.

The best rated objectives are specific and use any or both of these qualifiers: Industry and programme specification. For example, a systems analyst in an Information Technology programme in a college at the Central District area.

Being specific in such a manner gives the recruiter a specific idea of what one is looking for and this always works to the advantage of the student.

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