Resume Writing Skills

By | March 23, 2009

Drafting a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) for a specific position or study program is not always easy. Probably the hardest part of the whole process is starting the document itself.

Before putting pen to paper think about what to put down, how to put it down, what image will be portrayed to the reader and how the courses of study and past experiences and projects are related to your current aspirations.

A good skill in writing a resume is to first scribble it down roughly; both educational qualifications and experiences. This will trigger any forgotten information.

Always remember that the prospective employer is seeking for a reason why they should speak with the applicant, how the applicant stands out from the rest of the other applicants and do they have  experience – and if they do, how much.

Another good skill in writing this document is rethinking exhaustively, the details that should fall under the headings. These include education, objective(s), activities, work experience, skills and abilities, honours and awards (achievements), work experience and interest.

In every one of these headings, write down what you did in detail including duration, results and institution. Once this information gets flowing, then the document becomes formed with the important bits that are required for the vacant position.

Always keep in mind that a resume’s sole purpose is to illustrate how aptly one fits into a specific job profile and not to detail one’s life story.

A final skill to have is to keep the document as neat and professional as possible. Make sure there are no typing errors and the layout presents ideas and information in a flowing manner.

So, as you complete the draft and prepare the final document, remember to have short, concise and clear sentences.

In the above thought process, now write concise and clear sentences. One should try to utilize action verbs to begin every sentence.

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