Resume Writing Style

By | March 23, 2009

The resume structure or format builds form and flow into the resume and makes the reader follow the ideas easily. It is basically the design on the page, which makes the resume stand out in a pile and further beckons the reader to read more of it.

Styles can either be conventional, informal or creative. Always tailor the resume style to suite the programme or position in the college, while also allowing the resume style to bring out the personality and any creativity that you intend to bring out.

The basic style elements for a resume are many. The paper should always be white. Co loured paper is not appropriate for professional college documentation or business purposes. Another feature is the placing of columns.

They should not be too many. One column that reads from top to the bottom is the most appropriate. However, one may find that two or three column tables will sometimes lay out bullets or ideas in a more professional manner.

Be sure to hide the grid lines however. Adequate spacing is required in such a case. Hanging paragraphs also enhance a good format but should be used carefully.

The other element that is most important is the choice of fonts. The size and type that is chosen not only enhances the resume style but also establishes the legibility of the document.

One should note that there are only 2 types of business fonts that are universally accepted. These are the sans serif fonts and the serif fonts. Before deciding on a particular font, print a sample copy with different fonts to view the actual document.

Text alignment is also important in setting an acceptable and winning style. Justified text is acceptable. Bullet lists can be used to emphasize areas of skills and achievements.

The standard bullets are the circle, square and the disc. Graphic elements such as lines, table cells and shadings may be used to add extra style to the resume but in a cautious manner. Don’t overuse them.


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