Sales Training Resume Format

By | July 1, 2010

This sales training resume provides the applicants experience in sales and marketing, it gives the potential employer the skills and experience of the applicant. It outlines the sales roles he has played in various companies, the companies he/she has worked for and also the achievements made in those companies. Other vacancies that can be applied using this resume are, sales jobs, marketing jobs and branding jobs.

Sample Sales Training Resume

Christopher Mursh

13103 County

Highway 53

Guin, AL 35563-46433

(205) 488-8349


To work for a multi national company and head its marketing department.

Work Experience

2001 – Present:  Greave Line Marketing. – Marketer


  • Helped to enhance the development of products and launching them.
  • Participated in introducing new products to the market.
  • Carried out product survey in the market.
  • Identified new markets and clients.
  • Distributed the company’s products to various sales outlets.

1999-2001: Insight Marketing: Sales Supervisor


  • I explained the functional aspects of the product to our distributors.
  • I helped in coming up with packaging concept.
  • I organized road shows and marketing campaigns to market the product.
  • I evaluated appropriate events to sponsor or brand using our products.
  • I organized seminars with our distributors for training.
  • I went to the field to analyze sale trends of the products.
  • I opened new sales and distribution points across the country.

Educational Qualifications

1995-1999: Ohio University: Bachelor of Commerce


I managed to discover new markets and surplus sale targets.


Watching movies

Listening music



Can be provided upon request.

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