Sample Theater Job Resume

By | June 25, 2009

When applying for a theatrical job, it is highly advisable to produce a theatre resume that provides accurate information about your acting experience and achievements.

A one-page resume that lists your experiences on your acting career such as Stage, Film, TV and Commercials is suitable enough to present your active performance.

Indicating major roles in your theatre resume can enable you to demonstrate some of the important tasks you have previously handled. You should also include your education relative to your acting career.

Sample Theater Job Resume

Todd Johnson
334, North 54 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(233)-345 7390

Weight: 184 lbs
Height: 6’2″
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black


Rumble and Roll Richard Pewter (Lead) Mega Prods., CA
The Lion in Summer Mr. Andy Mega Prods., CA
Jonas and the Stringbeans Commander (Lead) Jamison Moon Players
The Emperor’s New Clothes Hortensio (2nd Lead) Mega Prods., CA
Anna Christie Oswald (Lead) Church of Christ Repertory
Two Gentlemen of Verona Sandy California Studio Theatre
Alligator Pass Stephen (Lead) Gold Theatre Company
Run with the Wind Count Gregor (Lead) Rizzo Theatre Company
La Ronde Julius (Lead) Queensberry Theatre Co.
The Stronger Murderer Black Entertainment Theatre
A Carole Christmas Jose (Lead) Sandwich Theatre
Duncan and the 12 Apostles Young Gentleman (Lead) NAPA Theatre
Where the Flowers Bloom Master Y (Lead) American Theatre of Actors
Macbeth Paul (Lead) Sandwich Theatre
The Widow’s Kiss Demo (Lead) Sandwich Theatre
Dinner Served Anytime Juror 6 (Lead) Frisco Theatre
Dwarves Have Us in Their Books Thurman Harold Clurman Theatre
Fools Prince Philip (Lead) Michelson Theatre Ctr.
The Werewolf of Essex Ben Light Creek Prods.
The Man Who Came to Breakfast Mat Bennet (Lead) Actors Theatre of Dallas
Coyote Ugly Charles (Lead) University of California
Fuenteovejuna Pirate Roberts (Lead) University of California

Special Skills

Conversational Spanish; Volleyball; Horseback Riding; Stage Combat; Medical Terminology and Wardrobe; Some Modern and Folk Dance; Wide Variety of Voice and Specialty Voices; Large Wardrobe and Vintage Wardrobe; Weights; Driver’s License; Computer Skills; Valid Passport.

Dialects: English, Irish, Non-Regional, Cockney, French, Boston, Slavic, Southern


Star Studios in California

Audition Technique, Character Development, Monologues, etc.

University of California

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

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