SAP Resume Format

By | June 25, 2009

The main objective of an SAP resume is to provide enough information about your skills and expertise that would effectively fit you on the prospected job.

You may also include some of the major points in your career especially in applications programming such as recent achievements in the field.

If you have several job experiences related to programming, you can also mention some of your strong skills that would put you ahead of the company’s choices for the job position.

Make sure you also include the necessary skills you have that would be vital on the main course of the job.

Sample SAP Resume

Mark Thurman

33 West Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(134) 234 339


Look for a position that would challenge my skills as an application programmer, where inventive ideas can be fully utilized for improvement of computer software and hardware products.


  • Develop useful design and organizational skills from large engineering projects that formed data collection and production testing method.
  • Strong problem estimation and programming ability tested under strict working environment.



Accenture Engineering Co. of Florida West Palm Beach, FL
Systems Engineer

  • Develop convention computer software and computer hardware for data collection patterned product dependability, testing and process control.
  • Work with Ethernet and Arcnet Network topologies in primary networking atmosphere.
  • Modify developed test process to new customer requirement and computer skilled.
  • Perform and plan real time Build-to-Order developed test systems to assemble innovative marketing plans as well as reduce overhead costs.
  • Estimate and verify documentation and procedures.
  • Trained and managed eight domestic and client-side test technicians and engineers.
  • Plan system based function for developing test data assortment and process control to civilize manufacturing efficiency and product superiority.


Itachi Construction Corp- Memphis,TN
CA Co-Op Engineer

  • Connect manufacture data using dBase.
  • Develop computer interface circuitry and hardware managing software.
  • Produce breakdown information and analysis of the project.
  • Preserve and design computer based electronic test hardware.



University of Phoenix, Cuba, MO
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


  • C
  • Turbo Pascal
  • IBM 3083
  • IBM 3090

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