IT Software Engineer Resume Format

By | November 6, 2013

An IT Software engineer resume is a resume of a person who is skilled and educated to be an IT software engineer and is applying for the particular job position in a company or an IT organisation. The resume must be crisp and effective in nature and to frame it, a candidate can take help of an IT Software engineer resume format. Such a resume format is a helpful document which clearly explains the manner in which a resume must be framed. A sample IT software engineer resume format has been given below for reference.

Sample IT Software Engineer Resume Format

Personal Details:

In this part of the resume give various details of personal information of the applicant who is applying for the position of an IT software engineer such as the name, date of birth, phone number, address, email ID etc

Career Goals and Objective:

Here, give the career goal or objective of the applicant along with the reason for applying for the job of an IT software engineer

Key Skills:

Here, give the key skills of the applicant. The skills can be either personal skills like hardworking nature, dedicated nature etc or technical skills like computer skills, programming skills etc.

Work Experience:

Here, give the previous work experience details of the applicant. Include the names of companies, designation of work, years of service and duties and responsibilities of the applicant in this part of the resume]

Academical Details and Educational Background:

Here, list down the names of the schools/colleges/ universities/institutes from which the applicant has acquired education. Also give the names of the courses pursued and degrees completed along with their years of completion.


Here, give the names as well as the contact details of the people who have referred and recommended the applicant for the job.