Structural Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

Structural engineering is an essential field that is ideal for hardworking individuals who enjoy the challenge of resolving problems that may arise.

A structural engineering resume should be a condensed compilation of information regarding the applicant’s abilities. Special achievements should always be included.

This sample structural engineering resume can also be used to create resumes for industrial engineers jobs, lead engineer jobs, design engineer jobs e.t.c

Sample Structural Engineering Resume

Fantasy Horn

23 Main Avenue

New York, NY

Cell Number: 121491040

Telephone Number: 1343825309

Career Objective:

To be a skilled structural engineers who offers cost effective solutions and equipment designs that contribute to regulated resource utilization

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Structural Engineer- Warner Engineering Company


Managed the operations of the department and developed a number of design concepts

Provided support to various project managers

Supervised all projects and ensured that deadlines were met

Monitored operational costs and resource allocation

2003-2005: Structural Engineer- Fair Institute of Engineers


Prepared technical reports with the aim of enlarging the customer base

Addressed customer needs and implemented marketing strategies

Ensured execution of operations was smooth at all times

2006-2008: Head Structural Engineer- Fair Institute of Engineers


Managed client projects and manufacturing processes


Trained in engineering management and equipment design

Trained in testing, inspection and cost reduction mechanisms

Trained in problem resolution and marketing strategies


1993-1996: Bachelor of Civil Engineering- University of Massachusetts

1997-1999: Master of Structural Engineering- Institute of Engineering Technology


Member of international Engineering Society

Managed and reorganized a number of laboratories

Redesigned organizational structures and served to enhance their operations

Created new market opportunities and increased revenue generation




Learning new languages


Available on request

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