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By | March 23, 2009

If you think your work was over when you finished compiling your resume and identifying the method you would use for distributing it, you are wrong.

The submission of your resume is of just as equal importance as compiling it. Many highly qualified applicants have lost opportunities because they lack this realization.

Distributing your resume online is a wise move as it creates more opportunities for you and in most cases does not cost you a cent. Online applications require that you submit your resume online.

There are some organizations however, that do not allow attachments for fear of electronic viruses. As you may not know the policy of the organization to which you are applying, it would be wise for you to include the resume in the e-mail’s body and also as an attachment.

Every applicant is fighting to stand out of the crowd. You can do this by submitting your resume in person. Search for the physical address of the company and drop in for a visit as you submit your resume.

You will be sure that it has arrived at its destination safely and may even find out more about the company from your visit.

Make sure you are professionally dressed and your documents are in a professional looking sturdy folder. Be polite and speak clearly as you ask to be directed.

Ensure that you leave your envelope with the right person and not someone who may forget about it and loose it as it does not concern them.

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