Systems Analyst Resume Format

By | September 7, 2011

Systems analysts are involved in designing or restructuring the computer system of a company.  They ensure that the operations and transactions work efficiently and accurately and can be accessed by individuals in different departments at the same time.  They analyze whether the existing operational systems being used by the company is efficient and free of bugs that make the operations and transactions of the company slower and inefficient.  Systems analysts work hand in hand with the IT team of programmers and mangers to coordinate and create the network system itself.  The newly designed system will run through a series of tests and restructuring if necessary until it is fully operational without problems.

Systems Analyst Resume Format

Jim Procter

Liverpool, L16 9JD

Phone:  123-4567-8901


Reliable and dedicated worker is looking for the opportunity to be a systems analyst in a reputable company where I can utilize my abilities.

Summary of Qualification

  • Possess two years of experience as a systems analyst.
  • Highly knowledgeable of computer and operation systems run by computer software.
  • A keen observer able to immediately detect any bugs or problems in the system.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent designing and revision skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present:  Systems Analyst, Bank of Liverpool

  • Do analysis and evaluation of existing computer systems, identified bugs and problems and recommended revisions and additions.
  • Implements operation and system designs and closely coordinated with the IT team of staff and IT manager.
  • Runs test of the network design until it is thoroughly proofed and efficient for use.


2004-2008: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of Liverpool.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.