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Fresher Resume

There are many graduates who finish college and start looking for a job which will enable them to apply the knowledge they have acquired.  A fresher resume enables fresh graduate to apply for various jobs depending on what they have studied. The difference between a fresher resume and other resumes is that this one does not… Read More »

Sample Judge Resume Format

A good judge resume contains professional experience and applicant’s educational background.  It should also include a strong and concise career or professional objective of the applicant. Applicants’ key academic achievements are also included in this type of resume. This sample resume can be used as guide to persons seeking employment as judges related jobs like… Read More »

Sample Fresher Resume Format

Fresher Resume A fresher resume format is widely used by fresh graduate students who do no have a work background. Despite the limited experience of fresh graduates in the field that they are applying for, employers have a way to hire competent workers. It is therefore essential to know what their criteria are. The major… Read More »