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Good Resume Tips

A good resume has all your contacts to begin with. Some people are hesitant to place their phone numbers or e-mail address on their resumes. You cannot afford to miss out on a job opportunity just because you fear that your personal details will be exposed to telemarketers.  Do not dare to stand on your… Read More »

Resume Distribution

You have gone through all the tips you can get on resume writing and preparation and now you have what could be termed as the perfect resume. What next? The purpose of your resume is to get you an interview with an employer. It can’t do that while it remains in a folder on your… Read More »

Resume Advice

Writing an effective resume can be a challenge for those new to the employment market and those coming back after a long absence. The pressure to write a perfect resume increases when you think of the large number of applicants with similar or higher qualifications applying for the same job. Well, it is time you… Read More »