Tax Preparer Resume Format

By | March 9, 2012

The format given is a sample format for tax preparer resume. It is for the people who wish to seek job in taxing sector as a tax preparer. Work of a tax preparer includes being very skilful and efficient in preparation of tax returns with profound experience. He should also have the ability to work well with others. These tax preparers are very much needed in preparing tax returns for small businesses and even for individuals.

Tax Preparer Resume Format

Amanda Christos

United Street



Phone (668) 133-2442


To get the position of tax preparer and excel in this field

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Experience of more than four years in tax returns
  • Prevent clients from paying taxes which are unnecessary
  • Immense and through knowledge of laws, codes and rules of political and democratic process
  • Strong knowledge of mathematics whose use comes in solving any problem

Career Experiences:

Having 10 years of experience in checking data input, computing taxes, preparing tax returns and reviewing financial records

2003-2006: Worked as an income tax officer in a government department and was involved in following activities:

  • Preparing and assisting in simple to complex tax returns for small businesses and individuals.
  • Using all appropriate deductions, adjustments to keep taxes to a minimum.

2006-till date: Working as an accountant in Jaspal Corp. and is involved in following activities:

  • Checking important account details of the company.
  • Calculation of preparation fees which are done according to complexity and time including various procedures.
  • Following tax form instructions and tax table including use of adding machines.
  • Consulting law handbooks and bulletins.


1998-2000: Masters in commerce, Imperial College of Commerce, Stanford University.

1994-1997:Bachelor in commerce, University Institute of Commerce, Cambridge University.

Professional References would be furnished upon request.