Technical Resume Writing

By | March 23, 2009

A technical resume is a resume that only focuses on 2 key sections which are the section on professional experience and the section on skills.

This resume is used only in cases where mentioning of knowledge or particular skills of specific technical nature is of high importance.

A technical resume is much like a chronological resume. The difference is that the technical resume should include a comprehensive summary of particular skills, preferably towards the beginning of the document.

In this particular type of resume it is permitted to use technical terms and jargon that is specific to that technical field.

If the position being applied for requires one possessing experience in certain skills or using specific equipment, then this is mentioned in the resume and where applicable, one should quantify the experience.

Usually, if the position being applied for needs a certain skill, the recruiters will more often than not mention it in the advertisement.

In as much as the technical skill is known to both parties, using jargon should be kept at a minimum. The only appropriate section to liberally use these words is on the skills page and not in the body as the first person to read the resume is usually a recruiter or general administrative person.

When setting out the skills page, focus on grouping like items together and titling them to make legibility easier. It is important to be brief while using bullets lists or point form where applicable.

The sequence of the whole document should be planned as follows; personal details, summary or career objective, personal skills, technical information or skills summary work history listed in a chronological order and finally the referees.

Do not forget to keep in mind and more importantly mention how you will benefit the person you intend to look at the resume.


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