Technician Resume Format

By | February 2, 2009

Technician Resume


A technician resume format focuses on career details associated with the job of a technician. Presenting the details, however, must be done with a little strategy to earn interest from the reader and to help you get the interview.

Since the format is technically the same as the other resume types, you must differentiate its content. Essentially, you have to list all the important details pertaining to technical functions and put more emphasis on them.

The first section must state your career objective concisely. In the next section, the summary of your career must be briefly written to give the reader an idea on your experience level.

This should include your current job, highest attainment in the field, and your attitude towards this profession.

As for the details of your experience, elaborate your employment history in the next section. State your job, the name of your company, and the inclusive dates. Include a brief account of your important functions in each job and your contribution to the company.

Next, tackle your skills. List only the most important ones, including technical skills and other abilities, such as communication skills.

Since you are in a technical arena, there are certifications awarded to people practicing in that particular field. Listing them all gives a boost to your resume. Moreover, it gives you more advantage in obtaining your desired job. 

Technician Resume Format and Example

John Smith

123 Grove Town, New Orleans
Louisiana, USA

(012) 345-6789


Seeking an entry-level position where I can apply my knowledge and further develop my skills in aviation maintenance.


  • 4 years of field work practice in aviation technology
  • Employed by a reputable airline company
  • Devoted and motivated learner
  • Skillful and dedicated


Air Craft Maintenance Technician            2006 – present

Delta Express Air Lines

Georgia, USA

  • Works with a team of major technicians
  • Repair damages in an aircraft
  • Inspects machine capability of aircraft before take off
  • Facilitates learning and technician experiences within the group of junior technicians
  • Reports directly to the Aircraft Technical Officer

Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Technician       2004 – 2006

Delta Express Air Lines

Georgia, USA

  • Handled minor technical operations in an aircraft
  • Supervised by the Aircraft Technicians
  • Worked with a team to gain experience in aviation technicalities
  • Achieved “satisfactory” grade from supervisors and managers
  • Endorsed for promotion


  • Competent in problem solving for different aircraft machines
  • Skillful in analyzing technical problems and providing technical solutions to different aviation technologies
  • Knowledgeable in handling technical problems of different kinds of machine technologies, such as cars, trains, and trucks
  • Knowledgeable in computer software and hardware
  • Knowledgeable in computer programs such as Dos, Java, and HTML
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Applications and MS Office
  • Fluent in English in written and oral communication


  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
  • Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS)
  • Technical Competency Area (TCA)
  • Technical Diploma


Bachelor Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology               2000 – 2004

Louisiana Technical College

Louisiana, USA

    • Major in Aviation Technology
    • Minors in Mechanical Technology and Computer Technology
    • Graduated with honors
    • Dean’s Lister for 5 semesters


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