Technology Consultant Resume Format

By | April 12, 2012

Modern and advanced technology do shape and decide our lives and work style as well. This is why many people are entering the field of technological expertise.

However, not many people know about a technology consultant resume format. Well, a technology consultant is a person who offers advice and guidance on the use of technology in business and commerce.

He analyzes and studies the functionality of the different technologies used. He is also the person who devises new solutions and solves technological problems as well. It is an exciting profession.

Here is a sample of the resume format for any candidate.

Technology Consultant Resume Format

Rocky Balboa

Haddock Mansion, Los Angeles,

California, USA

Phone Number: 109 145 178

Email ID:


To work as a qualified and able technology consultant in a good technology company and deliver practical advice and solutions to the company in respect of the technologies being used by the company as well.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled in doing a research and analysis of the benefits and features of technology being used.
  • Skilled in providing advice and guidance in the use of specific technologies and methods.
  • Interacting with company managers and executives and helping planning technological projects and activities for the companies.

Career Experiences:

2008 To Present: Technology Consultant at Win Tech Software with the following responsibilities:

  • Coaching and advising the company managers and executives in making use of latest technology
  • Assisting in using latest technology in making new products for customers.
  • Carrying out research and analysis on the existing systems of technology.


2006 To 2008: Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from Yale University, USA.

Professional references would be furnished upon request.