Telecom Resumes

By | October 31, 2011

A telecom resume is made by candidates who are interest in getting themselves a job in the telecom department of a state, country, organization or industry. This kind of a resume format is generally made by people who have certain knowledge and are well versed with the technicalities of the telecom industry.

There can be different levels and different job profiles in the vast field of telecommunication. For example, there is a telecom engineer, telecom technician, telecom HR manager etc…So the applicant should be clear about the exact department or job profile he/she wants to apply for.

The following few points should be kept in mind while framing a telecom resume format:

  • Any coursework or qualification that makes the applicant eligible for the job or gives him/her an edge over other applicants should be mentioned and required documents should be attached with the resume.
  • A few lines on any previous experience that the applicant has had in the same field could be important to convince the employer.
  • Briefly mention your areas of expertise or interest.

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