Telecommunications Engineering Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

The responsibilities of telecommunication engineers require individuals who are innovative and able to provide solutions as well as ready to tackle challenging situations.

The resume should be a competent representation of these kinds of skills. This sample resume can also be used to create resumes for, network engineer jobs, project engineer jobs, test engineer jobs e.t.c.

Sample Telecommunications Engineering Resume

Jack Burns

435 Tree Lane

Miami, Florida

Cell Number: 593856984

Telephone Number: 56828690

Career Objective:

To be a qualified telecommunications engineer who is committed and ready to actively participate in this diverse field of engineering

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Telecommunications Engineer- One Telecom


Responsible for overseeing equipment installation

Designed telecommunication facilities and improved existing facilities

2003-2004: Telecommunications Engineer- Two Way Telecom


Managed installation projects and monitored progress

Prepared reports on technical advancement of telecommunications industry

Set up telephone facilities for state owned corporations

2005-2007: Telecommunications Engineer- Modern Telecom


Installed telecommunications equipment and evaluated them according to safety standards

Installed systems for the facilitation of electronic switches

Regular maintenance of telecommunications equipment

Repaired defective equipment and procured new products

Set up fiber optics and maintained them along with other telecommunications engineers


Trained in electronic engineering and broadcast engineering

Trained in electronic switching and project management

Trained in telecommunications equipment maintenance


1993-1996: Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering- Institute of Advanced Technology

1997-1999: Master of Electronic Engineering- Technical Training Institution


Developed an advanced system of transmission by increasing signal outreach for various regions

Designed a line of telecommunications equipment

Member of the prestigious Telecommunications Engineers Society




Traveling around the world


Available on request

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