Three Types of Resume Formats

By | October 4, 2012

Resume is a document which is used to gain the employment. Resume preparation is an art. It should be prepared in such a way that it should impress the reader. In preparing such resume you should know its format. There are mainly three types of resume formats which are effective in preparing your resume in a desired way.

1. Chronological format

  • Chronological resume is otherwise called as reverse chronological resume, which is the most popular resume type. Chronological resumes contain your educational background, summary and work experience. Also include volunteer experiences along the work history as a separate section.
  • When you are mentioning about your work experience try to specify your most recent job role and then the older ones. Recruiters mainly prefer this kind of resume as they can easily determine your job and when you worked. This resume type suits the candidates who have a strong relevant work history.
  • The summary of qualifications determines necessary skills to the recruiter. Use relevant keywords to capture the attention of the reader. Without the qualification summary, this format concentrates on the past rather than targeting employer’s needs.

2. Functional or skills resume format

  • This kind of resume focuses on your skills and experiences rather than work history. Skills are explained along with the work experience in functional resumes. As each position may not be described individually, skills are accompanied by the previous experiences. Here employment dates can be excluded. If possible include any achievements.
  • The candidates who are getting back to the work after a long gap should prepare their resume in functional resume format. Functional resumes suits the candidates who plan to change their careers, do not have any experience and also to the candidates who are having gaps in their work history.

3. Hybrid resume format

  • Hybrid resume is otherwise called as combination resume. This resume is a combination of reverse chronological resume format and functional resume format. In this, the skills and experiences are listed first which is followed by the work history.
  • It may contain the sections of skill headings followed by short work experience and educational details, or may contain a long skill section followed by work experience and educational details. Achievements are included in the separate sections. In the skill section, each skill should be followed by the relevant experience or result.
  • This kind of resume is suitable to the candidates who have diverse work history, which is not relevant to the desired position.