Top 10 Tips to Write a Perfect Resume

By | March 23, 2009

The importance of writing a good resume cannot be stressed quite enough. Your resume is the most important tool in your hunt for a job.

It is the first item by which you will be judged. You therefore have to make the most of it. Here are ten tips that will help you write that perfect resume for your dream job.

  1. Sit down and think before you write your resume. What type of experience do you have? What type of job are you looking for? Are you changing careers? These questions will help you decide on what type of information to include or leave out and what format to use for your resume.
  2. Do some background research on the industry to which you are applying. Compare your resume with others in the industry and change or add information and use styles as is appropriate.
  3. Maintain honesty in your resume. You may lie to get yourself that interview but the truth will catch up with you when you are subjected to a background check or your references are asked to give an account of you.
  4. Use an email address and other contacts that look professional.
  5. Read the job profile for which you are applying carefully
  6. Make a list of all the skills, qualifications and characteristics you posses that would make you the perfect candidate for the job
  7. Write out a career objective that is tailored to the application and is not generic. It should reflect your career goals and future plans.
  8. include past experience that shows you shouldered responsibility
  9. Summarize the key points of your resume and include them at the beginning of the document to give the reader a general idea of what to expect.
  10. Go through your resume once you are through with compiling it to ensure that any grammatical errors are corrected.

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