Training Resume Format

By | July 1, 2010

This training resume format helps the applicant to outline the individuals experience in training, it gives the potential employer the skills and experience of the applicant, It outlines the training roles he has played in various companies or colleges, the companies he/she has worked for and also the achievements. One can also apply for lecturer jobs and tutor jobs using this resume.

Training Resume Format

David O Connor

350 Charo Lake Trl

Chelsea, AL 387953-5801

(205) 691-8671


To offer top notch training services and to be a provider of relevant knowledge to students.

Work Experience

2002 – Present:  Perryton College. – Lecturer


  • Provided individual and group training on a range of technical and operational management.
  • Drafted training curriculum for various courses.
  • Formulated outlines for various training modules and specified effective methods of delivery.
  • Developed effective training aids to be used by trainers like hand books and model demonstrations
  • Performed administrative functions in ensuring training schedules were effective.

1999-2002: Light Touch Trainers: Tutor


  • Evaluated effectiveness of training methods used and courses taught and also instructional methods employed.
  • Reviewed lecturer performance and assessed development and improvement needs.
  • Analyzed training methods used and recommended appropriate changes.
  • Participated in hiring of appropriate lecturers and their assistants for respective posts.
  • Solved conflicts between students and also trainers.
  • Ensured facilities needed for training were always enough and available.

Educational Qualifications

1995-1999: Colorado Queens High School: High school Diploma


I managed to successfully conduct secure and safe evacuations from the building during a fire incident.


•           Watching movies

•           Listening music

•           Playing Basketball


Can be provided upon request.

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