Training Resume Template

By | July 1, 2010

A training resume template helps the applicant to outline his experience in technical training. It informs the potential employer the skills and experience of the applicant. It outlines the training roles he has played in various companies, the companies he/she has worked for and also the achievements made in those companies. Vacancies that can be applied using this resume include lecturer jobs, tutor jobs and trainer jobs.

Sample Training Resume Template

George Harry

13532 County

Freeway 42

Guin, AL 35563-4403

Tel (205) 463-8349


To provide training that equips students with life long skills.

Work Experience

2001 – Technical Institute. – Lecturer


  • Developed and supervised training activities and ensured they complied with industry standards.
  • Drafted training objectives and identified needed resources necessary to make training effective.
  • Complied and maintained student records and issued certification upon successful completion of the course.
  • Conducted admission and registration processes and also participated in orientation.

1999-2001: Teletech   College: Head of Department


  • Participated in vetting and hiring of lecturers
  • Handled student disciplinary cases, like cheating in exams.
  • Organized symposiums for the departments.
  • Represented the department in College Board meetings.
  • Ensured that the department was well equipped with training equipment.
  • Provided guidance to lecturers.
  • Helped in drafting budget for the department.

Academic Qualifications

1995-1999: Georgia University: Bachelor Science, Electrical Engineering.


Training the current head of the ministry of Telecommunications.


Watching movies

Listening music

Bird Watching


Can be provided upon request

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