Training Resume

By | October 31, 2011

A training resume is used mostly to apply for training job opportunities. Organizations that deal with training are usually sensitive on cost control and productivity. Therefore, a resume must reflect an understanding of good resource management. The resume must demonstrate skills, experience, commitment to quality and ability. The professional should list all his credentials. The essential headings or sections in the resume should include education, internships, professional experience, and honors, publications that the professional possesses.

A training resume should indicate the name of the applicant and contact his details. The resume must include a short and specific statement about his goal and includes position, industry and/or relevant skills. It should have a narrative statement that explains why the applicant should be called for an interview.

Skills included in a training resume should be described using related keywords. Technical skills should be indicated in the technical section or within the context of another achievement. When writing this resume the applicant must keep in mind not to use too many industry-specific initials. Secondly training skills and other skills such as administrative or managerial skills should be included. Any achievements or unusual experiences should be indicated in the resume. Pertinent education and some conferences attended may be included. Experiences had outside of the training job field shows diversity.

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