Underwriter Trainee Resume Format

By | April 14, 2011

It is the responsibility of underwriter trainee to manage all the tally cork assigned to him or her. He or she is responsible for managing the reports of all the customers who are seeking for loan. He or she is responsible for arranging the details of all the clients and sending it to the loan processor officer so that he or she could approach them for loan.

Underwriter Trainee Resume Format

Stieve Mauk,
2735, West 76 Street,
Carlisle, OA 37541,
(773)-996 4877.



I am looking to work for some powerful and man oriented organization where I could easily utilize my skills and knowledge for future growth.

Summary Qualification:

  • Having good experience in the field of communication and loan.
  • Ability to deal with the clients and good convincing power.
  • Have passed all the certification courses which are required for underwriter.
  • Know how to manage the customers and can easily understand their specification and requirements.
  • Able to perform different task with optimize results.



Bachelor Degree in Arts

Major in Social Science,

New York University,

New York

Career Experience/Job History:

2006– Present

TWA Company, Delhi
Worked as Underwriter Assistance

  • Develop the presentation of the company with more than two years.
  • Able to manage other task parallel to the underwriter.
  • Managed the complex documents as well as the sales department account sector with great efficiency.


  • Awarded with the bonus in the month of March 2005 for best presentation.

References upon request