Warehouse Clerk Resume format

By | April 14, 2011

The primary responsibility of warehouse clerk is to check out the current status of the company’s warehouse such as the goods and materials that are kept in it and what else is required. They are considered as the backbone for any organization because they are the only one who keeps the records of resources available within an organization. The company’s benefit is also dependant on warehouse clerk. They are also responsible for putting of price tags on top the received materials.

Warehouse Clerk Resume format

Melanie Morgan

65. South, BD – 7485

(5847) 45896



To get into an organization from where I can learn more and more tricks related to my field work.

Summary Qualification:

  • Ability to deal with complicated situations.
  • Excellent leadership quality which allows leading other members of warehouse within the company.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.



Baltimore Society College, Maryland – B.A.

Career Experience/Job History:


Warehouse Services, Baltimore
Warehouse Clerk

  • Responsible for feeding data into computer system for checking out the proper entry and exit of materials and goods and the amount of goods present within the warehouse.
  • Distributed the products as demanded by the customers.


BHG Republic, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Gathered requirements from customers and provided them their demanded products within the estimated time.
  • Also managed the work of store inventory.
  • Accepted and rotated the stock within the store.
  • Also attended phone calls for talking the requirement of customers.


  • Rewarded by the best employee of the month.

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