Wealth Management Resume Format

By | June 5, 2010

Financial planning is an essential aspect of wealth management. With the recent economic challenges, more and more people are seeking the services of wealth management professionals.

A wealth management resume should display ample knowledge of financial planning skills.

This sample wealth management resume can be used to create resumes for financial planning jobs, financial manager jobs, finance assistance jobs e.t.c

Sample Wealth Management Resume

Jacob Jude

123 Fox Street

Brooklyn, NY


Cell Number: 24829428

Telephone Number: 249839498

Career Objective:

To be a qualified financial planner who can help manage their finances for sustained economic growth and development in a feasible manner

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Financial Planner- Trump Consultancy


Advised clients on a range of investment opportunities for their financial growth

Offered specialized services concerned with asset allocation and budget control

Served as a wealth manager for a broad base of clients

2003-2005: Financial Planner- Ware Fortune Control


Specialized in helping clients in the management of their children’s financial issues

Helped clients increase their asset base by providing them with sound financial advice

2006-2008: Wealth Manager- Brook Financial Consultancy


Assisted clients with financial planning services


Trained in financial analysis and business management

Trained in wealth management and banking services

Trained in market trading and global capital investment


1993-1996: Bachelor of Business Administration- University of Chicago

1997-1999: Master of Business Management- University of Chicago


Assisted a large number of clients in the management of investments and help to avert situations of bankruptcy

Provided financial services to a wide range of clients who were dealing with extensive financial challenges

Advised clients on aspects of insurance and helped them make informed decisions about insurance policies that were most suited to their needs




Writing poetry


Available on request

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