What Is a Good Objective for a Resume

By | October 5, 2012

For preparing an impressive resume you should think of what is a good objective for a resume to add focus to your resume. It may fetch you more career opportunities.

Good objective for a resume

When you are applying for a specific job, objective statements are very essential. Because you can relate your strengths directly to the company needs.
Include your objective statement on the top of your resume, i.e. under your contact details. Begin your objective statement with the position name you are seeking for.
Be specific when you are applying for more than one job. Objective should indicate what makes you and why you are the best candidate for your applied role. This can be framed by knowing what the employer is seeking for.

Objectives determine the candidate’s talent and potency which is essential to get shortlisted. For this the candidate should includ

  • abilities
  • achievements
  • job promotions
  • experience and
  • job goal to get an opportunity for the interview.

Mention the objectives in such a way that it is adding values to the new company. Try to be concise and confident in your writing. Highlight your experiences and skills. This may offer you the position for which you are applying. Include some keywords relevant to your skills or experiences.

End with a summary which includes what kind of benefits you may result to their organization with your skills. Try to explain how your experience and skills best suits for the position you are applying for.

Avoid using ‘I’ statements, and phrases. Don’t be too general or too broad. Don’t add any kind of false statements in your objectives.