What Is the Correct Resume Format

By | October 4, 2012

Resume is the first impression for any job interview. So the candidates who completed their studies and ready to attend the interview should prepare their resumes very carefully. Before preparing the resume you should think of what is the correct resume format and should prepare accordingly. If the resume format is well known you can prepare your resume impressively.

Resume purpose

The main resume purpose is to concentrate on your professional experience, job ambitions and professional background. This information let the reader to determine whether you have relevant job role or not. For all the job applicants the primary stage of screening will be the resume.

Three resume formats

There are mainly three resume types.

  • The first resume type is very commonly used type. The main purpose of this resume is to find a job. This resume may be written directly to the job advertisement or to a company or organization.
  • The second resume type is attached to the university or for graduate studies. This resume mainly focuses on the educational background, benefits of your skills and knowledge application in their respective fields.
  • The third type of resume is with the request to the committee for the appointment. In this resume you should highlight your achievements, leadership functions, event skills.


A good resume should not exceed 11 inch page. If the page exceeds that limit it may not please the reader. In all the sides the resume should not exceed the margin size of 1 inch. Use white bond sheets to print the resume. Always print on one side and in black ink. Use fonts like times new roman. You should try to complete the resume within two pages.

Features of a resume

For good appearance and for fine reading, the resumes carry different sections. Always start the resume with the following

  • your name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address

All the above details should be mentioned on the top of the resume. Below this leave some space and specify the job role which you have applied. Again leave some space and mention your job experience. Under the job experience you should specify the previous company name, job role and salary. In the next category, you mention your achievements, which should be followed by the educational details. In this category you should include name of your educational institutions, university, type of degree and scores.


Always update your resume accordingly and never write any false statements in your resume.